Coastal Habitat Research Permit Application

Name of the primary applicant
Include affiliation, mailing address, phone, fax
Organization(s) supporting your work
Organization(s) providing financial assistance for your work
20 words or fewer. Title of project requiring a coral reef research permit
250 words or fewer. Site references if applicable
Indicate general area where fieldwork is intended to take place (e.g. Holetown, Bathsheba) as well as coordinates if possible
Names of the persons who will be undertaking the fieldwork
200 words or fewer. Why you need to undertake coastal habitat research to fulfill the goals of your project
Bullet points
200 words or fewer. How the research will be conducted? Will samples be collected? Will they be transported off-island?
List persons/agencies you have already contacted regarding this research
Any intention to engage with local stakeholders?
Do you intend or wish to collaborate with any local organization/persons? If so please list.
If you intend to collect specimens please provide the contact information for the repositories.