Holetown Beach Improvements Project

Holetown beach, on the west coast of the island, is recognised as one of the island's most popular tourism beaches. However prior to the completion of the project, the beach was narrow and along some portions of the coastal strip there was little or no beach. This traditional lack of beach can be attributed to the coastline configuration along the west coast which is characterised by bays and headlands, and is compounded by a multitude of coastal structures and developments which protrude into the active beach zone, inhibiting the beach building processes.

Holetown beach was given a priority ranking of 2 within the Coastal Infrastructure Programme and a construction budget of U.S. $3 million.


Project Objectives

The following key objectives were developed for this project:

·         Develop continuous public access along this reach of shoreline

·         Expand the recreational beach where feasible

·         Minimise environmental impacts on the coastal environment


The primary objective of the Holetown project was to improve the amenity value of the Holetown beach through the creation of continuous lateral access (access along the beach), and stabilisation and enhancement of beach width. Through this expanded beach width and the construction/ redevelopment of walkways, the project resulted in the provision of continuous public access between The Regent Hotel and Discovery Bay. The widening of the beach was achieved through the design and implementation of appropriate coastal structures and, when necessary, the removal of structures which caused damage to the coastline in the past, or the repair of functional but damaged structures.


Project Design Components

The project consisted of the following works:

·         A new walkway and revetment from Villas on the Beach (northern extreme of project site) to the north of Chefette (middle of project site).

·         A new walkway protected by a stone revetment from the existing beach in front of Chefette terminating immediately north of Beachlands 

·         Two headlands

·         Beach nourishment in select areas (approx. 2500m3 of sand)


The Construction and Operation Phases

The contract for construction of the project was awarded to Capital Signal Caribbean Limited. Construction commenced in March 2009 and was completed in October 2009. Since the completion of the project the walkways have been subjected to some above-normal sea swells, but have not been structurally damaged. The walkways are therefore already providing protection for the businesses landward of their location. The works have made this section of the coastline much more accessible than it has been in the past.