CZMU Sections

Staff resources of the Coastal Zone Management Unit (CZMU) are divided between technical and administrative units. The three main technical sections are Coastal Planning, Coastal Engineering and the Marine Research section. In addition there is also a Project Execution Unit (PEU) which provides the CZMU with the staff resources necessary to effectively execute ongoing projects being managed by the Unit.The remaining staff make up the Administrative section, and support the technincal sections in areas such as strategic planning, financial management and document management.

Coastal Planning

This section is mainly responsible for the evaluation of coastal/marine related development planning applications at the CZMU, and coordinates the analysis of and preparation of recommendations for proposed developments that fall within the coastal planning area. As some assessments have engineering and/or marine components, applications are also directed to the other technical departments which will collaborate on the overall assessment.

The Coastal Planning section also represents the CZMU on environmental impact assessment (EIA) panels in cases where major development applications that may have negative impacts on the coastal environment are involved. In this role, the section leads the team of CZMU staff which help to formulate the terms of reference for the EIA. Once produced, the Coastal Planning section also leads the evaluation of the EIA document.

Coastal Planning is also responsible for the CZMU's education and outreach, and summer internship programmes. Students of secondary and tertiary levels are given the opportunity to gain research experience and an introduction to all aspects of applied environmental science. As part of their work experience at the Unit, students are required to develop or implement a research topic, perform the necessary assessments and data analysis, and deliver their findings through oral and written presentations. Interns are also expected to participate in the routine monitoring programmes of the CZMU to gain a full appreciation of the diverse mandate of the Unit.

The Coastal Planning section is composed of the Coastal Planner (head of section), a Research Officer as well as a Library Assistant. The Coastal Planner and the Research Officer are primarily tasked with managing the planning application process, while the Library Assistant is responsible for the day to day operation of the CZMU research library. To access the library, patrons can make an appointment with the Library Assistant to determine when they can visit and to allow the Library Assistant to compile the required documents. Patrons can also access the online library catalog here in order to determine if the book/resource they are interested in is available in the library.

Coastal Engineering

Within the CZMU the Coastal Engineering section is responsible for the planning, construction and monitoring of most of the shoreline protection structures built by the Government of Barbados. The section works as a team to execute a number of programmes including the beach monitoring, wave monitoring, tide and weather station programmes. Coastal Engineering also reviews engineering designs and overseas the construction and inspection of coastal structures. The section also conducts hydrographic surveys and relevant coastal engineering research.

Coastal Engineering also contributes to the assessment of development planning applications in coordination with the Coastal Planning section. Applications which involve shoreline works or other structures which could impact shoreline dynamics require studies to predict their impacts. These studies are carefully evaluated by the section and comments provided to the Coastal Planner.

Staff in the Coastal Engineering section consist of the Coastal Engineer (head of section), Technical Officer, Hydrographer, Draughtsman and two Chainmen. The Coastal Engineer manages the section's resources, and along with the Technical Officer develops engineering designs and supervises the construction of engineering works. Other officers of the section contribute to the execution of hydrographic surveys, beach monitoring and the review of engineering drawings.

Marine Research

The Marine Research section is responsible for monitoring the health of marine ecosystems around Barbados. The section also works with other marine area management stakeholders such as the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to coordinate the management of stressors to sensitive marine ecosystems. Furthermore, through collaboration with the Coastal Planning section, the Marine Research section provides technical comments on issues of physical development which could impact marine habitats. Finally, the Marine Research section works with sister agencies such as the Fisheries Division to promote coastal and marine conservation.

Marine Research is responsible several CZMU programmes such as the coral reef and marine water quality monitoring programmes, the permanent mooring buoy proramme and environmental education. The section is composed of a Marine Biologist (head of section), Water Quality Analyst and a Field Inspector.