Updated Draft Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan

The CZMU has recently concluded the scientific, technical and internal review process for the updating of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan for Barbados. We are now seeking the public's feedback on the draft ICZM Plan through several consultative activities, which will inform and amend the Plan prior to its finalization and establishment by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy. Both volumes of the draft updated ICZM Plan can be accessed via the links below:

Volume 1 - Policy Framework

ICZM Plan Vol 1

Volume 2 - The Barbados ICZM Plan

Part A:
Scope of the Plan, Coastal Management Considerations
ICZM Plan Vol 2 Part A

Parts B and C:
Identification of Issues, Management Priorities and Desired Policy Outcomes
Incorporating Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation within National Management Priority Guidance
National Management Priority Action Briefs
ICZM Plan Vol 2 Parts B and C

Part D:
Coastal Zone Management Sub-Areas: Issues, Strategic Objectives, Action Briefs and Maps
ICZM Plan Vol 2 Part D

Part E:
ICZM Plan Implementation Process
Information and Capacity Development Needs
Monitoring and Evaluation
Financial Considerations
ICZM Plan Vol 2 Part E

Coordinates of the Coastal Zone Management Area
Other Annexes
ICZM Plan Vol 2 Annexes