Rockley Beach Improvements Project

Satellite Imagery of the Completed Project

The project site stretches over a 1.2km length of coastline from Rockley Beach to just west of Sierra Hotel in Hastings, Christ Church. The project was designed based on a headland-beach concept. Five headlands were constructed along the project site and beaches were created using a total of 12, 000 cubic metres of beach sand. An offshore breakwater and several spurs were also constructed. The prominent feature of the project is a 1.2km long boardwalk which satisfies the objective to provide continuous public access along the shoreline and also to provide an alternative to the current, unsafe pedestrian access on Highway 7.

The headlands have stepped outer edges and walkways that can be used by pedestrians to walk around each headland without ascending to the main boardwalk. The five enhanced or new beaches provide a significant increase in the beach amenity along this shoreline.